Love Advice for Girl Meet Girl

Love Advice for Girl Meet Girl

If you are a woman who has just began dating other women, these following tips can help you boost your confidence!

The thought of your very first foray into an all-girl dating scene is probably both terrifying and exciting, particularly if you are a newly out lesbian. To help you feel comfortable and confident, consider love advices:

Love Advice #1: Determine Who’s On Your Side by Making an Eye Contact


Experts said that a common hang-up of new out lesbians is feeling like they do not know who else is gay or lesbian. To resolve this issue, the best thing that they can do is to make contact with the woman she is set her sights on. It must be a split-second glance and you should make your intention clear through holding her gaze. If she smiled at you, she is probably interested. However, if you are not feeling confident, regardless of what you do, never stare because she may think that you are a stalker.

Love Advice #2: Never Go for a Cookie-Cutter Look

According to an expert, a lot of newly out lesbians frequently overcompensate when they are trying to make up for lack of experience. They think that if they have to be in the queer world, they should have queer friends, be recognized by others, and get the inside joke. This also accounts for the abundance of the weird haircuts and rainbow accessories. To get rid of this pitfall, experts recommend resisting the urge of embracing stereotype lesbian styles of appearance and dress if that is not wholly you once you emerge first on the dating scene. So, in lesbian dating, make sure to dress in a way that would help you express yourself because this will allow you to be recognized for who you are without the need for you to flaunt this, particularly if you flock to places where the like-minded women are.

Love Advice #3: Never Enter a Relationship with the Very First Woman Who Comes Along

There are numerous women attach themselves to the first lesbian they come across. In many cases, newly out lesbians settle right down with the very first woman they date, particularly when they only know some lesbians in their town. This is where the stereotype of women who begin seeing one another and be a couple immediately. However, this isn’t advisable as you have to have more in common with other possible girlfriends out there. Taking it slowly will help you avoid broken hearts.

Love Advice #4: Before Jumping Into a Relationship, Know Yourself First


Many lesbians begin by dating those who have the same gender presentation to themselves only to know as they became more aware and confident that they’re actually attracted to those who are more feminine or masculine that they are. This is the reason why it is vital to understand who you are outside a relationship before you decide to jump into one. As you go on dates and meet other women, you will start to get an idea about what you’re looking for and this will save you and other women you date from heartaches.