Lesbians in the history

Lesbians in the history

Relationships between people of the same sex are no longer a big surprise these days. In fact, the society is now starting to come to terms with this setup, even though some governments deem it as a criminal act.

But, if couples need to hide this 2016, what could have it been like several years ago when LGBT community didn’t understand yet their own sexuality? Today’s LGBT community owes so much to the women and men who came way before them and still chose to love the same sex despite how the society looked down on them.


Before you start your search for free lesbian dating sites, you might be interested to learn the most popular lesbians known in history.


Lesbian has been literally derived from Lesbos, an island in Greece where the famous writer Sappho was born. The poems that she wrote spoke of love and infatuations, both unrequited and requited, she felt for fellow women.

Sweden’s Queen Christina

King Gustav II Adolph’s only surviving legitimate offspring, Queen Christine succeeded the throne at a young age of six and started to rule at 18. Considering the type of education that only princes get to enjoy, the queen rejected playing a womanly role of providing an heir and announced that she had no intentions to marry. In 1654, she abdicated her throne. According to modern biographers, the queen was a lesbian with several noted affairs with women during her lifetime. Sources discovered passionate letters Ebba Sparre and it was also assumed that she had relationship with Diego Teixeira’s niece Rachel, singer Angelina Giorgino and Gabrielle de Rochechouart de Mortemart.

Rita Mae Brown

Famous for Rubyfruit Jungle, her very first novel, Brown is an American activist and writer. The novel was published in year 1973, with lesbian themes and was a bit explicit, an unusual thing during its time.

Barbara Gittings

Among the LGBT community’s most fearless activists, she served as Daughters of BIlitis’ president of New York and picketed the White House during the 1960s to show to the world how easy it is for homosexuals to be fired due to their sexual orientation.

Audre Lorde

Lorde has described herself as a lesbian, black, warrior, poet and mother and is best known for her activist work with the Afro-German ladies in the 1980s. The literary work she released was criticized and applauded at the same time, since this revolved on themes of sexuality and social liberalism, focusing on change and revolution.

Virginia Woolf

One of the 20th century’s prominent feminists and modernists, Woolf had shared a passionate relationship with Vita Sackville-West. It is this relationship which inspired one of the most popular novels of Woolf, Orlando, that features the life of a poet who changes sexuality from a man to a woman through the centuries and meet the key figures in the history of English literature.

Lesbians of today have more freedom compared to these women and thanks to the best free lesbian dating sites, it is easier for them to reveal their real self and enjoy their sexuality without apprehensions.