How Many Countries Support Same Sex Marriage

How Many Countries Support Same Sex Marriage

Same sex marriage, or can also be referred to as gay marriage and lesbian marriage, refers to the marriage between people of similar sex, either in a religious setting or secular civil ceremony.

By the late 20th century, the religious rites of marriage with no legal recognition has become more and more common, what with the rise of lesbian dating and gay dating.


The very first law that allows marriage for people of same sex in the modern times was initially enacted in the Netherlands in 2001. As of April 28, 2016, same sex marriage is already legally allowed, either in some parts or nationwide in several countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium as allowed in 2003, Spain in 2005, Canada in 2005, South Africa in 2006, Sweden and Norway in 2009, Portugal, Iceland and Argentina in 2010, Denmark in 2013, England and Wales, Brazil, France, Uruguay and New Zealand in 2013, Scotia and Luxembourg in 2014, Ireland in 2015 and Italy in 2016. A similar law has been signed in 2015 in Finland although this will be effective in 2017.

Public polls have revealed the ever increasing support for legally recognizing the idea of gay marriage and lesbian marriage in Australia, Americas and majority of Europe. But, as of this year 2016, South Africa happens to be the sole African country wherein same sex marriage has been recognized and there is still no country in Asia that allows marriage ceremonies between same sex couples even though Israel is accepting same sex marriages that were performed in other countries.

The introduction of laws on same sex marriage tends to vary depending on the jurisdiction, as this is variously accomplished by way of legislative change in the laws of marriage, a court ruling that is based on the constitutional guarantees of equality or through direct popular vote either through referendum or ballot initiative.

Recognition of gay marriage and lesbian marriage is both a social and political issue and in most countries, this is also a religious issue, with debates continuing to arise as to whether people who are in gay dating and lesbian dating must be allowed to get married or any similar status such as a civil union.

Marriages between same sex can provide to people who are in same sex relationships who are paying their taxes with the government services as well as make financial demands on them similar with the ones that are required of and afforded to those in marriages of opposite sex. Same sex marriage will also give them legal protections like hospital visitation and inheritance rights.

Numerous faith communities all over the world support people who are in same sex to get married while most of the major religions are opposed to the idea of same sex marriage. The opponents of same sex marriages also argued that the recognition of gay marriage and lesbian marriage are going to erode religious freedoms and even undermine the right of children to be raised by their biological parents or erode the marriage institution as a whole.

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